Autistic History Month 2013

The first Autistic History Month will be celebrated this year! Get ready! This site will be a clearinghouse for Autistic history projects around the web.

Throughout the month of November, Autistics and allies will be writing, painting, composing, making videos, and more — celebrating the history of Autistics, autism, the neurodiversity movement, and related topics. Please do submit your creations so they can be highlighted here and please subscribe to this blog so you can keep up with all the great content that will be coming in November to celebrate our history and work toward our future.

Thank you,
The Autistic History Month Team


About unstrangemind

I am an adult Autistic. I've come so far; I have so far to go. I've named my blog after Grinker's excellent book, "Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism." Other than borrowing from his title (do you know how difficult it is to find a wordpress name that hasn't already been taken?!) I have no connection with Dr. Grinker.
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9 Responses to Autistic History Month 2013

  1. mandy says:

    I can’t find the subscribe button!

  2. There, now there’s a subscribe by email button and a follow on wordpress button in the side bar. Thanks!

  3. autisticook says:

    I have a very late submission… if you want it, that is. I couldn’t find how to submit it though, so is it OK if I link it here?

    • Yes, I will link it in tonight/tomorrow. Thank you! It’s a great entry.

      Sorry to be so late getting to this. I’ve been ill of late.

      • autisticook says:

        That’s no problem at all! I’m sorry you’ve been ill (as I think I’ve said somewhere else as well… maybe Facebook?). But anyway, there was no rush. My autistic brain was happy to at least get it published on my own blog at the very last moment, but the internet is not going anywhere. It can wait.

      • It has been added now! Yay! I have added prompts in my calendar to write posts for next year’s history month throughout the year, so hopefully next year’s even will be even bigger for us all.

      • autisticook says:

        Oh I see I forgot to say that I’m totally OK with reprinting it in full! You can change the post if you want, or you can leave it as is.

  4. Sorry I’m late to the party! If any of the team would like to write up this event for the Disability History Association Newsletter, I’m interested in including a report. The next issue will publish in May, so you have some time.

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