Autistic History Month has moved

Autistic History Month is under new management and has moved to a new location with new organizers. This site is no longer involved and you should go check out the terrific new Autistic History Month site!

Autistic History Month

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Autisticook – The Puzzle Piece

(apologies for the late posting. Admin on this site fell ill at the end of November.)

Autisticook wrote:

“So when I came across some interesting tidbits and factoids in my utterly random browsing today, I wanted to share them with you. On this last day of Autistic History Month 2013. Because we need to know our own history.”

Read the full post here:

Autistic History Month: the puzzle piece

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Unstrange Mind – Why I Don’t “Diagnose” Historical Figures

Unstrange Mind wrote:

“I try not to “diagnose” historical people because I feel like it lowers our credibility to do it, but I definitely see the power in pointing out Autistic traits in historical figures because a. it lets us claim them as our own without making people think we are going too far and b. shows that with or without diagnosis, these traits have always been with us and many people who exhibited Autistic traits were also very successful and created wonderful works of art, science, literature, music, etc.”

You can read the full post here:

Why I Don’t “Diagnose” Historical Figures


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S.R. Salas – Autistic History Month: ACCEPTANCE

Author S.R. Salas wrote a post about acceptance in honor of Autistic History Month:

“When I realized what was going on around me (e.g. my kids and I were Autistic), I jumped immediately into the deep end of the ocean: Acceptance. Why wouldn’t I, right? I had always accepted my kids and myself, so why would a diagnosis change that? The fact is, it didn’t. We were Autistic before we knew we were Autistic and would continue to be so after we learned we were Autistic.”

You can read the full post here:

Autistic History Month: ACCEPTANCE

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That Autistic That Newtown Forgot – Autistics Speaking Day/History Month Post

That Autistic That Newtown Forgot made an Autistic History Month post as an Autistics Speaking Day post.

An excerpt:

This is a lexicon of sorts and a list of slang. I do not claim to have invented any of these words, these are terms that I have learned to claim as my own.


This list of words is by no means complete, but it is a step toward capturing all of the slang used by the autistic community to describe our lives and unique experiences in our own words.

Such words amount to some of the only tangible proof of autistic culture. An Autistic cultural lexicon or set of words has been extremely important in both resisting ableist oppression, in forming autistic community and in supporting one another.

You can read the full post here:

Autistic vocabularies of resistance and community: How Autistics speak

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Unstrange Mind – Speaking About Autistic History

Unstrange Mind’s contribution to Autistics Speaking Day was also a contribution to Autistic History Month.


A 17-year-old autistic man asked: ”I have a question: What exactly is there about Autistic History? I try to think about it but can’t think about anything off the top of my head.”

And this is exactly why we need Autistic History Month: our own people do not know their history.

Read the full post here:

Autistics Speaking Day 2013

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Autistic History Month 2013

The first Autistic History Month will be celebrated this year! Get ready! This site will be a clearinghouse for Autistic history projects around the web.

Throughout the month of November, Autistics and allies will be writing, painting, composing, making videos, and more — celebrating the history of Autistics, autism, the neurodiversity movement, and related topics. Please do submit your creations so they can be highlighted here and please subscribe to this blog so you can keep up with all the great content that will be coming in November to celebrate our history and work toward our future.

Thank you,
The Autistic History Month Team

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